Wilde Thyme & A Delicious Beef Recipe

I have recently finished a series of food shoots for Scotland’s leading luxury caterer Wilde Thyme. So I was delighted when Managing Director, Andrew Hamer offered to share the recipe for one of his delicious dishes that we photographed, delicious Perthshire beef. Wilde Thyme offer bespoke catering throughout Scotland and the North of England, bringing… Read More

Watercress Soup with a Creamy Swirl

Watercress – one of the strongest hot and peppery tasting salad leaves on our shelves – is highly nutritious and excellent for making soup. When I started researching watercress a bit more this week, I was amazed at the multitude of health benefits watercress offers. It contains more Vitamin C than oranges, more calcium than… Read More

Warm Quinoa Salad Served with Chargrilled Halloumi

Some of you will have seen last week’s recipe from Reid’s Cafe and I’m delighted to say that I managed to bag an extra dish while I was in shootimg their Thai Noodle Salad. They were serving up this tasty warm Quinoa Salad with Chargrilled Halloumi and it looked so light and healthy I chanced… Read More

Breakfast Rice with Honey & Cranberries

As the old phrase goes “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper”. Unfortunately, I’m one of these people that rarely feels hungry in the morning. Over the past few years however I have made a pact with myself to stop and eat a small healthy breakfast, as I was… Read More

Sunsets and Family Fun

…it was so lovely to welcome the O’Reilly family back to the studio last week as we dashed outside for a woodland adventure and to make the most of the early sunset…. style + a beautiful sunset + a gorgeous family = amazing photo shoot. gill x

Seville Orange Sweet Marmalade

Seville oranges have hit the shelves and that can only mean that marmalade season is upon us. From late January into early February these delicious oranges become available, and lovers of homemade jams and jelly line up their jars to make the best tasting marmalade that there is – Seville Orange. I paid a visit… Read More